• Vegetable Sausages
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  • Salad
    Salads are an important element of any whole foods diet. I love experimenting with seasonal salad ingredients, and different combinations of ingredients for taste and texture. Most of us do not eat enough vegetables so I try to incorporate leafy greens at every meal, and a salad often finds aContinue Reading
  • Water for Health
    Drinking sufficient good quality water is required to keep you hydrated, and keep your body’s processes running well.  Whilst there is some disagreement about how much we should drink, I suggest letting thirst be your guide.  This requires having good connection with your body, and understanding that sometimes when youContinue Reading
  • Buckwheat Pancakes
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  • Mini Meatloaves
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  • Adapting Family Favourite Recipes for Healthy Eating
    Often, taking foods out of your diet can mean missing out on family favourites; not a popular move. While there are some meals I no longer make, for the most part, moving to a nutrient dense diet does not mean having to forgo your favourites. Here is my approach toContinue Reading
  • Setting Up Your Kitchen – Tools & Appliances
    Changing the way you cook, or even cooking from scratch for the first time can be a challenge. When I changed my diet and reduced the amount of processed food I ate, it meant my cooking and some of the tools I used changed too. I also started to thinkContinue Reading
  • Creating new habits
    When you do not have a spare minute in the day, the idea of introducing a new habit seems impossible.  You may be surprised what you can accomplish by looking at introducing change into your life.  As a single mum, working full time, I wish I had known more aboutContinue Reading
  • Pistachio Cake
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  • Lemon Curd
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  • Basic Curry
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  • What is a healthy diet?
    When chronic fatigue syndrome affects someone in your care, it is challenging to come up with ways to support your whole family. For me, changing what we ate played a big role in my son’s recovery, and created a health foundation for the rest of my family which continues toContinue Reading