Salads are an important element of any whole foods diet. I love experimenting with seasonal salad ingredients, and different combinations of ingredients for taste and texture. Most of us do not eat enough vegetables so I try to incorporate leafy greens at every meal, and a salad often finds a place at breakfast alongside my eggs. If you are not already eating a savoury breakfast, I highly recommend giving it a go, it can do wonders for your blood sugar levels. If you are not ready for salads at breakfast, that’s okay as salads are also a great choice for lunch and/or dinner, as a side, or an entrée.

It is easy to run out of ideas for salad ingredients, especially when you are tired and/or busy, and repeating the same salad day in and day out can reduce enjoyment. Check out my salad table full of ideas you can mix and match for your own signature salads and to help you make use of what you have in the fridge or pantry. Use this table as inspiration, add your favourite ingredients if these aren’t already on the sheet. Try to choose at least one ingredient from each column, but why not go crazy and use more? I hope you find this a useful tool, enjoy.