Stress Management

  • Thriving as a Carer
    Last week, I caught COVID. On the whole I had a fairly mild case; one day with a headache and mild nausea, after which I finally took some paracetamol and felt much better. I did feel fatigued for the rest of the week. Being fatigued brought back to me howContinue Reading
  • Creating new habits
    When you do not have a spare minute in the day, the idea of introducing a new habit seems impossible.  You may be surprised what you can accomplish by looking at introducing change into your life.  As a single mum, working full time, I wish I had known more aboutContinue Reading
  • Managing Stress at Christmas
    For me, this is the time of year I take stock, and reflect on the year that’s passed, and plan for the year to come. As I thought about what to write for this article, I reflected on some of the Christmases for our family while my son was unwell.Continue Reading
  • Stress Management
    The good news is, all stress is not all bad. Humans developed stress responses as we evolved to help us in times of extreme danger. If we were being chased by a predator the ability to survive the next 30 seconds took precedence over the need to digest food, reproduce,Continue Reading