Seeing your child fade away before your eyes is heart breaking. Weight issues, social isolation, lagging education and the feeling this will never end, impacts the whole family. I went through this with my family for years, as we all lived with the impacts of chronic fatigue. Holding a family together through these experiences is a huge challenge for mums. My goal is to provide support to mothers who are living this struggle.

Hi, I’m Annette Ford, ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach. My son suffered from chronic fatigue, and for four and a half years, we visited doctors and specialists, we tried naturopaths and Chinese medicine, in fact everything we could think of. His treatment included a one month in-hospital program, and while learning to live with the condition was an improvement; he continued to miss school, remained socially isolated and his future looked bleak. Eight years on, my son is a healthy young man, extremely fit and well, and making his own way in the world. During his recovery, our family made many life-style changes and we all learned the value of the foundations of good health.

You want to know how you can help your family through this challenge. In my journey I surrounded myself with health practitioners and a support network. Having come through this trial, I am determined to support others living with chronic fatigue. For my part I trained as a health coach, turning my passion into a practical and meaningful skill to assist others on their journey back to health. I work with mums to create a health foundation to aid recovery, supporting the whole family while they all try to navigate the journey of chronic fatigue, and make lifestyle change.

Making lifestyle change can seem daunting. My hope is to provide you with tools to support the changes you choose to make. I have learned that good health involves eating well, moving, getting sufficient quality sleep, stress management and community. Empowering you to make positive change for your family’s health is my aim.  

I have over forty years’ experience in a variety of areas including communications, leadership, management and logistics. I am also the mother of four very amazing young adults from whom I have learnt many valuable life lessons. Finding good health has been positive and life changing for my whole family, this is an experience I want to share.

As a trained coach I partner with clients to;

  • Develop autonomous motivation,
  • Increase capacity to change,
  • Set goals – be accountable, and
  • Achieve a higher level of well-being

I hope you find my website of value.

Annette Ford, A-CFHC
ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach badge