Parenting CFS

In a recent conversation with my son, we got onto the subject of his years when he suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Given my coaching niche I was curious to discuss his memories of that time, what he found helpful and what made his life more difficult. I hadContinue Reading

Dealing with doctors and other medical professionals can be a challenge. In raising my four children I became adept at getting the best value out of my discussions with medical practitioners. Of course, when my son had chronic fatigue syndrome my interactions with doctors increased exponentially, this allowed me toContinue Reading

Education for families struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can be a real challenge, both during the pandemic and beyond. The home-schooling aspect of COVID-19 has reminded me of the struggle my son had with education while he suffered from CFS. He was ill during his early teens (14), hisContinue Reading