• Walking for Exercise
    If you are wanting to start to exercise, but don’t know where to start, there are plenty of options. One of my favourites is walking. I like it as it is an easy place for most people to start. It is low cost – free if you already have comfortableContinue Reading
  • Exercise and Chronic Illness
    Once you are interested in a particular topic, you seem to develop a sensitivity to it. Last week I came across an interview with Andrea Wool, the topic was, ‘Everything You Need to Know About Exercise and Chronic Illness’. How I wish I had this information at hand when myContinue Reading
  • Creating new habits
    When you do not have a spare minute in the day, the idea of introducing a new habit seems impossible.  You may be surprised what you can accomplish by looking at introducing change into your life.  As a single mum, working full time, I wish I had known more aboutContinue Reading
  • Movement
    Being a carer often means you are time poor and exhausted, so why would you introduce more activities into your busy day? Part of the carer’s role is to ensure they are well enough to be there for their loved ones. Your good health is important, one of the factorsContinue Reading