Personal Services

Moving to better health can be a challenge, that’s why Activating Wellness coaching packages are designed to work with your circumstances, preferences, and budget.  All aim at supporting you through the health changes you want to make, to reach the vision you have for your health.  Each package recognises you as an individual with knowledge and life experience.  If you’re ready to make change, the package for you is here.

Activator Package

You know things need to change for you to experience better health, and you need support.  If you’re unsure what coaching is all about and would like a sampler, this package is for you.  We begin with a private session (via video conferencing or telephone) to develop your health vision statement, and for you to learn about the coaching process.  This is followed by three self-paced videos and an associated workbook.  When you’ve completed the workbook, we’ll meet again for a follow-up private session to discuss your feedback and learnings.

Group Coaching

When you feel tired, sick, rundown, and you want to make change, sometimes joining a group gives you the added community support you need.  Activating Wellness Group Coaching is the place for you.  It starts with a private session (via video conferencing or telephone) to develop your health vision statement, and to learn how the coaching process works, followed by access to the weekly Group Coaching session (via video conferencing only) for six weeks.  In these sessions you’ll address the changes you wish to make, be supported and support other group members, and learn how your strengths and values can assist you to make sustainable change.  You’ll receive your own workbook to record your ideas, perspectives, plans, outcomes and learnings.  If you’d like to continue with Group Coaching after your initial six weeks, you can purchase continued access in six-week increments.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching is for those who prefer one to one interaction, or whose lifestyle does not suit the times of the Group Coaching sessions.  The sessions take place via video conferencing, telephone or face-to-face.  You’ll be supported to identify your goals and challenges, explore your values and character strengths, and establish potential solutions which work around your particular circumstances, assisting you to make sustainable change.

For further information on coaching services, please contact Annette at Activating Wellness here.

Book your free half hour discovery call here. This chat is not a coaching session, but rather an opportunity to discover whether health coaching will fit your specifics needs and whether we are a good coaching fit.